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time is going so quickly like how is it halfway through week 4 of term already?! it’s nearly halfway through autumn term and i have made zero progress with my dissertation and don’t feel like i’ve achieved much at all despite they fact that i’ve spent almost every day in the library and i really hate one of my modules already waah

third year is really not fun there is a cloud of work-related despair constantly hanging over me

i was sad so my friend took me on a “best m8 d8” (cos he’s adorable) and we went for dinner and drinks and somehow ended up at a poetry slam and it was literally the best thing i’ve ever witnessed this one man wrote a poem about the big lebowski and it was just so great and we had to be the judges but i just gave everyone really high scores because all the poems were so good i was overwhelmed

i actually really wish i could write creatively and take part in these things they’re so cool

The layout of my uni house is seriously impeding my being sulky in my room thing that I do

You have to go through the living room to get to the kitchen and the toilet

So I cannot sulk because everyone is always in the living room like omg what r u doin when I just wanna pee and not talk to anyone

been to 3 careers talks this week and i’m actually stressing so much 

apparently “now is the time to start your future” but also y’know got a dissertation to write and a degree to get so go away 

there are loads of grad schemes that sound soso cool and interesting but their application processes are so long and there are literally 32000 applicants for 400 places so like what is even the point in wasting all that time

ugh i actually can’t deal with life

me and my friend just booked a trip to prague when neither of us have any money i’m so confused about what just happened yolo


Cracking up at these photos I found on my phone from the other night, I have no recollection of these being taken but like who do I think I am?? So serious with the pouting in the 14 year old bathroom mirror shot! I think I now just turn into the most vain person when I’m off my face, I love it

These pictures tho, what was happenin m8

third year is the worst thing ever and it’s only week 2 SOS

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