unknown pleasures

helena, 20, london/reading

people get annoyed over the most pathetic things calm the fuck down

words cannot express my love for the kardashians

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gabby understands

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made the grave mistake of lying on my sisters bed to watch tv and it’s so comfortable that i don’t ever think i can get up

i’m adamant that the difference in the comfort levels of our beds proves that she’s the favourite child



the 12 year old boy next door has been playing bruno mars at an obscene volume all morning

attempting to sass him out with a mixture of beyonce, katy perry and j-lo

my dad turned off beyonce and put on the grand national coverage so now i’m not talking to him

had the busiest but best last day of my internship 

actually kinda sad that it’s over but they said they’d have me back if i ever need more work experience which is good!

but the fact that i now have to write a 5000 word report about the placement is saddening me

i just remembered that i’m supposed to be going to bristol tomorrow night

cannot be bothered

cannot afford

this is not happening

lol i got a missed call from chessington world of adventures today???!! they just left a message like “hey its chessington world of adventures” there was no explanation and i looked it up and it is their phone number