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my mum just told me that from sunday we are dog-sitting for my cousin for two weeks and i screamed

it is the worlds cutest nicest dog i have not been this excited for anything in a very very long time

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i’ve given myself the award of best family member ever because i sat in a hospital for 13 hours yesterday waiting for my dad to have an operation just so i could drive him home after (they wouldn’t even let me see him when he was awake it was such a joke) and i’m sacrificing like a whole 4 days of my summer to let my sister boss me around at her work because she’s short-staffed and i’m not even getting paid for it - i’m pretty much a saint y’know


literally me


literally me

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my best friend has been in america for nearly a month now and i hadn’t really even thought about him much until i just missed a call from him and now i’m really sad and i’ve suddenly realised how much i miss him :(

ALSO i forgot to mention that yesterday i shook hands with hugh jackman so basically my life is now complete ok