unknown pleasures

helena, 20, london/reading

came back to uni early to do work but i’ve spent the whole week very drunk, I should have predicted this

also the freshers this year look about 12 years old it is so so scary


dancing wiv wild beasts

this is my fave photo from bestival


dancing wiv wild beasts

this is my fave photo from bestival

me and my housemates have become elderly - we had big plans to go out and get drunk but instead we got in our pyjamas and watched bake off and how to train your dragon

gettin too old for this student shit

I’ve been back at uni for like 8 hours and living in this house is already so serene and calm, like we all get along so so well and just got drunk together at home tonight and it was so nice! Literally the people I lived with last year were the worst this is so amazing


me as a parent

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i literally have not been able to stop singing young hearts run free since candi staton at bestival like omg it was just the best thing that’s ever happened in my life

Bestival was the best thing ever, and I came home to so many birthday presents and roast potatoes. So content with life right now

my bag for bestival literally consists of one dress and lots of tesco value wine and cider, i am well classy

but hey it’s my 21st birthday tomorrow (when did i get so old help)

Aw I bought my friend Jamie T tickets for his birthday and like, this is so exciting! It’s not even until like November but I have been waiting for this opportunity for so many years! Buying people presents to accompany me to things I really want to go to is my forte

I am actually living in Greek heaven on this holiday

We got a free upgrade on our rooms so mine and my sister’s room has a swim up pool that connects us with our parents’ room - you can just swim to their balcony!

There is also a luxury spa so I’ve just been getting massages and you get waited on like hand and foot (which makes me feel uncomfortable because all the waitresses are just students like me) but like it’s so amazing because they just bring you cocktails even if you don’t ask for them and gorgeous Greek men serenade you with acoustic guitars when you’re sunbathing I cannot deal

Some people go on holidays like this all the time?! Pure luxury mate